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TODAY, generally speaking we all are in an unusual progressive phase; the phase of progress from basic telephony to WIRE-FREE mobile phones, the phase of progress from simple theaters to MODERN multiplexes, the phase of progress from conventional shops to SUPERB shopping malls, the phase of progress from just roads to HI-SPEED highways, and very broadly the phase of progress from an isolated country to an excellent GLOBAL sourcing hub….,

ON the similar lines, NOW ... we should be ideally shifting from the conventional load-securing / packaging + packing materials; such as PP ropes, wire-ropes / chains, wooden packing / timber + pine wood, plastic / steel-straps, PET straps / nylon-straps, container silica-gel, etc., etc.,; To the NEW-AGE & PROVEN cargo-securing materials of international standards like Dunnage-AIR-Bags, Polyester CordStrapping, Polyester CordLashing, Advanced Technology Desiccants

YOU may be surprised!!! About, HOW it is possible??? But, with the range of innovative + unique products, solutions & services we have to offer; achieving 100% Damage-FREE or rather ZERO-Damage Industrial-Exports, is now just a e-mail / phone-call away … ..,

Corded Polyester Strapping + Lashings are Certified, Approved  and Recommended by  Germanischer Llyod’s of Germany; American Association of RailRoads (AAR) and European Railway Regulations (R.I.V.) in General across the World.
     The Industrial Load-Securing / 
     Cargo-Securing Specialists !!!
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