Product NameBrief Description
Polyester CordStrapping
Offered in Composite, Woven, or Bonded Weather Guard strapping, Corded polyester strapping offers shipping, freight and rail companies choices for securing a load properly. Each strapping system offers excellent strength and security; let PSIPL representatives select the right product to secure your freight in INDIA.
Polyester CordLashing
Corded polyester lashing offers excellent load security for larger shipments, with the woven variety offering security with loads in excess of 100 metric tons.
Dunnage-AIR-Bags as the name suggest is not just a void-filler but it also provides proper cushioning and stability required for your cargo during transit in containers, trailers and ships. We provide dunnage with one use or re-usable air bags to reduce waste and shipping costs.
Advanced Technology Desiccants
CaCl2 Activated Container Desiccants; that are packed in TYVEK cloth – The DuPont – USA Technology for 100% Moisture_FREE or Condesation_FREE Exports. And, above all it retains all the moisture that it absorbs, thereby leaving your export container 100% dry.
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