Advanced Technology Desiccants

PSIPL procures and distributes a variety of export container desiccants which are packed in a range of materials and packing sizes.

Desiccants are defined as hydrating agents that attract moisture from the atmosphere. It adsorbs and holds the water to itself. Most porous adsorbents, such as silica gel, activated clay or molecular sieves rely upon physical adsorption to perform their function. Desiccants are used when transporting cargo to decrease the risk of cargo damage due to condensation (“cargo sweat”).

Manufactured under controlled conditions, we ensure you a supply of only high quality and ready to use desiccant for your export container.

Significant temperature variations, like crossing the equator and day-night temperature fluctuations, cause condensation.

When container temperature rises, air expands and absorbs free moisture molecules from all possible sources i.e. container floor, wooden pallets, and wooden dunnage.

When the container temperature drops, the air contracts and deposits the heavier water molecules, known as condensation. This process of warming and cooling can repeat itself several times during a voyage, which causes this damaging condensation cycle.

On removing the desiccant from its protective packaging and placing it in your container, it will immediately start absorbing free moisture from the air inside the container. The relative humidity is reduced, therefore preventing the condensation cycle.


ProDri® is a high performance clay based desiccant capable of absorbing more than 50% of moisture relative to its weight.

Typical usage includes:
vCanned fruit and vegetables
vFruit juices
vBulk packaged grains
vCocoa beans
vCashew nuts
vSoya beans



ClayDri® is a desiccant manufactured from naturally occurring bentonite clay. The clay is activated by means of a sophisticated and accurately controlled drying process.

Typical usage includes:
vElectronic equipment vComputers
vMedical and diagnostic  equipment
vPhotographic equipment
vAviation equipment
vLeather goods
vMachine parts
vOptical instruments



Silica Gel is a porous, synthetically manufactured desiccant. The interconnected pores form a vast surface area that attracts and retains water.

Typical usage includes:
vFood industry
vElectronic equipment
vPrecision equipment
vAviation equipment
vLeather goods
vPhotographic equipment
vOptical equipment



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